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Disconnecting the HubSpot Integration from RevOps

To disconnect your HubSpot account from RevOps, head over to the HubSpot settings page and click 'Remove Connection.' ‍

‍ Then follow the confirmation prompt: ‍ ‍ Once disconnected, data will no longer sync between RevOps and HubSpot for any newly created deals as well as any existing deals that are being updated. ‍ Any mappings and variables you've already created will not, however, be deleted. This allows you to integrate with another HubSpot account without needing to recreate your mappings and variables all over again.

Removing RevOps on the HubSpot side

‍ If you want to remove RevOps from your HubSpot apps completely, you'll also need to visit HubSpot and uninstall RevOps from your list of Connected Apps. ‍ Without removing the connected app, RevOps CRM cards will continue to appear on the sidebar but will not display any RevOps content. ‍

  • GDPR deletions are not processed after an account has been disconnected. If you require existing data to be deleted in a GDPR-compliant manner, please file a request by emailing  For more information regarding this topic, see this HubSpot article.