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Sharing and syncing signed contracts

When all signatures on the deal are completed, the signed contract will be available for download from the RevOps Deal. You may, however, also want to store the signed contract in another system of record. ‍ In this guide, we'll also show you how the PDF file of your signed contract can be:

  • Share via email notifications
  • Synced to your CRM ‍

Sharing signed contracts with people in your organization

‍ While the counter signer will not receive an automated email once they have finished signing the deal, an email notification can be configured to share the completed contract. ‍ To set this up, head over to Settings > Workspace Settings, and click on "Notifications" . ‍ Under, "Where to send copies of signed contracts", enter an email address. This email address will receive a notification with the signed contract attached, each time a deal has completed all signatures. ‍

Individual users should configure their preferences under their user profile.

Syncing signed contracts to your CRM

‍ Signed copies of the contract can also be automatically synced to your CRM as an attached file. ‍

If you are using Salesforce, head over to Salesforce Integration Settings and click on the "Settings" tab. There you can select the object the signed contract should attached to. ‍

On HubSpot, head over to HubSpot Integrations Settings and click on the "Settings" tab. Next, select "Deal" and RevOps will attach signed contracts to the associated HubSpot Deal. ‍