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Including CRM Data on Deals

Any data stored on the Salesforce Opportunity or HubSpot Deal can be imported to RevOps as a CRM Variable. Once imported the data in your CRM can be used on your RevOps Deal. This guide will show you how you can use data from your CRM on your RevOps Deal.

Any Salesforce object one association away from the Opportunity via a Lookup field may also be imported. ‍

Getting Started

‍ To start importing data from your CRM to RevOps, you'll first need to setup the CRM fields that RevOps should import when your Opportunity is associated with your RevOps deal. ‍ RevOps will store the value of these fields along with your deal so that they can be used throughout your agreement. ‍

  1. Head over to Settings > Salesforce Integration or Settings > HubSpot Integration, where you'll find the "Variables" tab. This is where you can manage your CRM Variables.
  2. Next click on "Add mapping" to create a new CRM Variable.
  3. Search for the field where the data you want to import is stored.
  4. Then click "Save".
  5. RevOps will create the CRM Variable reference name which you can now use in any markdown supported field on the deal. This includes the Line Item Description field as well as the Term Description field. ‍

Using CRM Variables on Deals

‍ Once the CRM Variable has been created, RevOps will import the value of the field and use it wherever you have included the CRM Variable tag. ‍ Place the Variable in any Line Item Description or Term Language field by addressing the variable reference name in the Handlebars syntax, {{ }} or {{ }}. ‍ For example, if we are creating a Renewal agreement, we may want to include the order form number of the previous agreement.  ‍ ‍ Variables can also be used with RevOps Operators . In the example above, we've used the moments operator to reformat the display of dates. ‍ Since this term includes several Variables, we'll want to disallow our Sales Reps from being able to edit the term language. ‍

Populating the Variables

‍ RevOps will import the values for Variables when the CRM record is first associated to the deal. This is why it is important to select the CRM record first when creating our deal. If a CRM record is not selected, the data from your CRM cannot be imported. ‍ Once selected, you'll see the values from your CRM displayed and used on your agreement!  ‍

‍ If you happen to update these fields in your CRM, you will need to reselect the opportunity by clicking on "Change Opportunity" and selecting the opportunity again. This indicates to RevOps that you want to reimport your data.