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Slack Notifications

RevOps has the ability to keep your team updated when important actions happen on the platform by sending notifications to a connected Slack organization. You can receive notifications for events like a deal being approved, comments being left, or a contact viewing your shared proposal.

To get started, navigate to the Slack settings page in your RevOps organization by visiting Settings → Integrations → Slack.

Connecting to Slack

If you don’t already have a Slack account connected, you will need to select the “Add to Slack” button.

On the next page, our app will request access to read and write messages to your Slack organization. Select “Allow”. ‍

Choosing a default channel

The default channel is where we will send all notifications by default. You may override this setting on individual notification types by specifying another channel under the “Channel” column in the table at the bottom of the page. If no default channel is specified, then no notifications will be sent unless there is an override in place.

You may search through the channels in your Slack organization by selecting the dropdown.

Overriding the default channel

If you would like to send different notification types to different channels, then you can specify an override channel using the dropdown in the “Channel” column of the notification preferences table. If you specify a channel that is different from the default, then all notifications of that type will be sent to that other channel and not the default channel.

Enabling and Disabling Notification Types

If you wish to enable or disable specific notification types, you can use the toggle under the “Enabled” column of the notification preferences table.

Sending Notifications to Private Slack Channels

We support sending notifications to private Slack channels, however, you will need to add our Slack bot to the private channel first before it can be selected in the RevOps UI.

To do this, go to the private channel you’d like to send notifications to and mention @RevOps in a message. Slack will ask if you’d like to invite the bot to the channel, select “Invite Them”

Finally, go back to the RevOps Slack settings page and reload the channels list (either by reloading the page or clicking the refresh button in the channel column header). You should now be able to select your private channel as a target to send notifications to.