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Importing Customer Information

When the RevOps deal is first associated with the HubSpot deal, RevOps will import the following information related to your customer:


The name, email, and title, of any contact on the HubSpot Deal will be imported as a contact on the RevOps Deal. When viewing the deal, you'll see the list of contacts under the "Contacts" header. ‍

‍ Although a HubSpot Deal maybe associated to a Company, the contacts on the company will not be imported to your RevOps deal. The contact must be on the HubSpot deal in order to be imported to the RevOps deal you create. ‍

Address Information

‍ Address fields on the HubSpot Company object will also automatically imported and synchronized to the shipping address on the RevOps Deal. Assuming the HubSpot Deal is associated to a HubSpot Company. ‍ Since HubSpot only provides one set of address as standard fields on the HubSpot Company object, if your business also wants to track the "Billing Address", we recommend that you create custom properties in HubSpot to capture each part of a Billing Address. ‍

‍ Once these properties have been created, head over to HubSpot Integration Settings > Mappings and select each billing address property that can be mapped into RevOps.  ‍ Now, when you associate a HubSpot Deal to a RevOps Deal, the values in the custom properties for Billing Address will be imported as the Billing Address on the RevOps Deal and the Standard Address fields on the Company will be mapped to Shipping Address.