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Approval Topic Workflows

Approval topic workflows are used to assign approvers to a deal based on different criteria. A deal will be automatically moved to approved when all approval topics have been fully approved.

Approval topics will not be assigned to any workflows that are eligible for Auto-Approval

Topic Assignment

Topics can use one of three assignment types:

  • Team Based: The team where the deal owner is a member of will be assigned. If a user is in multiple teams, only the first will be assigned. If a user is in no teams, all admins will be assigned.
  • Specific Team: Assign the decision makers of a single team. For topics that require self-attestation, you can assign a topic to the deal owner.
  • Multiple Levels: Assign multiple levels based on different criteria.

Multiple Levels

Approvals sometimes require approvals from multiple stakeholders. Approval topics can be configured to require approval from multiple levels, with specific conditions for each level.

A level will be assigned if the workflow triggers match and the level triggers match.

For each level, you can choose if any assigned team can approve the entire topic or if all teams need to approve. You can also choose if the teams approve in order or can approve ay any time.

In the example below, approval is required for quarterly or monthly billing. Sales Leadership will always approve first for both cases. If monthly billing is used, then Finance will be required to approve after Sales Leadership. Finance will not be required to approve quarterly billing.

Re-Open Behavior

Once an approval topic has been approved by any level, you can choose when the approvals will reset and the topic will re-open.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Always reopen when Terms or SKUs change
  • Never reopen when Terms or SKUs change
  • Always reopen when Terms or SKUs change except as specified
  • Never reopen when Terms or SKUs change except as specified

Any change to the Term or SKU including properties, pricing, or description will be considered a change.

If a deal has been fully approved and is then edited, we will compare the approved version to the new version and determine if any topics now require approval again. If any topic re-opens, the deal will be moved back to attention status. If no topic re-opens, the change will not require review and the deal will remain approved.

Evaluation Flow

The following flowchart represents the processing logic for a deal that has already been approved.