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When do Workflows run?

A deal will be run against all Workflows:

  1. Once it has been submitted for approval
  2. After any material changes are saved once a deal has been submitted for approval once. ‍

Submit for Approval

‍ A deal enters the approval process once it is submitted for approval using the Submit for Approval button. ‍ You can find this button a in deal’s Deal Overview, in the upper right corner of the middle section.

Material Changes

‍ Material changes are what RevOps considers an “actual” change on a deal, such that the deal needs to be be re-reviewed for approval by its stakeholders. These changes include:

  1. Changes to Term values, descriptions, properties
  2. Changes to SKU pricing, descriptions, properties
  3. Changes to pricing tables

These changes do not include:

  1. Changes to Lead Contact information
  2. Changes to Signer assignment or information
  3. Changes to Address Information
  4. Addition of Deal Contacts

If a material change is made while saving a previously submitted deal as a draft, the deal will be moved into draft status. ‍


The following chart represents the workflow evaluation process.