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Auto-Approval Workflows

Auto-approval Workflows are great for automatically approving qualified deals to streamline your sales process, keeping you and your team focused. Deals that meet auto-approval criteria are automatically approved by ROB, the RevOps Bot.

‍ In addition to any custom triggers, auto-approval Workflows are a special type of Workflow that includes:

  1. The “Standard Terms” Trigger
  2. The “Discount Threshold” Trigger

Standard Terms

When evaluating a deal for auto-approval, RevOps checks that each term is considered to be standard. A combination of the agreement template and the global term settings are used to determine if a term is standard.

If a term is set as eligible for auto-approval in term settings, it will always be considered standard.

If it is set as ineligible for auto-approval, it will be considered standard if:

  • The term is present on the template the deal was created from
  • The term value and term language match the initial value on the term exactly ‍ For example: If the term is on the template when the deal is created and the term is the same as on the template, the term would be considered standard. ‍ However, if the User has changed any part of the term (include the value, term language, or any term properties) so that it no longer is the same as the term that was set on the template, the term would be considered non-standard and ineligible for auto-approval.

If the term is not on the template and not eligible for auto-approval, then any usage of the term will require approval.

Discount Threshold

‍ All Auto-approval Workflows include a Trigger that confirms that a deal’s pricing is within a threshold, to avoid auto-approving a deal with a large discount. By default, the trigger is set to assert that the deal has no discounts applied to it. ‍

This clause can be overridden using the Override Clause button or by adding any of the following clauses. The override will be used as long as it is set to check either of the following 3 Trigger types, otherwise it will be automatically added back as the default:

  1. SKU Discount %
  2. SKU List Price %
  3. Deal Subtotal % ‍