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Catch-All Workflow

Each organization includes 1 catch-all workflow. This is to ensure that every deal submitted either gets auto-approved or routed to an approver. You can choose what team gets assigned as the catch-all and how this interacts with other workflows.

For instance, if a $5,000 deal got submitted with just our two workflows above, it would not be eligible for auto-approval or be assigned to the $10,000 topic. This deal would be assigned to the catch-all.

Catch-All Behavior

As part of your catch-all behavior, you can determine when the catch-all will "catch" and create an approval topic.

Always Assign

If the deal was not eligible for auto-approval, this will be assigned regardless of any other topics. This is most common at smaller organizations that require a sign-off from the same team for 100% of deals.

Require One Of

If none of the workflows listed assigned approvers, then this will be assigned. Many organizations require a final sign-off from one of several teams. The specifics of when the specific teams get assigned is managed via other workflows, but cases where none of those matched should still require review.

Fallback Only

The catch-all will only be assigned if no other workflow assigns an approval topic.