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Managing Users

To manage your Users, head to the Users Management page by going to Settings and clicking on Users. Users can only be managed by the Administrator of the RevOps Account. ‍

‍ Once on the User Management page, you will learn how to:

  • Adding New Users
  • Update Existing Users Information
  • Deleting Users

‍ On the User Management page, you can keep track of every User in your account, the number of paid and free licenses in your account, as well as the plan you are currently on. ‍ There are two types of User Licenses assigned to each user in your account.

  • Licensed Users: These are paid users active in your account.
  • Free Users: These are free users active in your account. Free users are users who have the role of General User or Developer .

Adding New Users

To start adding new users, click on "+ New User " ‍

‍ And enter the relevant information about the user: ‍

  • Name : If the User is creating deals, this is the name that will be displayed.
  • Email Address
  • Alternative Email : The email address the user will be logging in with, if it is different than the email already listed.
  • Roles: The roles assigned to the user. As you add roles, you can see the permissions available for each role selected. Users with multiple roles will receive the combined set of permission for all roles.

‍ Once you’ve saved the new user’s profile, an email notification would be sent inviting them to join you on RevOps. ‍

This user can now also be added to any teams you create.

Updating Existing User Information

‍ To edit the information for any existing users, such as:

  • Change their contact information
  • Add/remove roles from the user ‍ Simply find the user in the User Management list and click "Edit" ‍

‍ Once you've edited the user's information, hit "save". ‍ Please note that if you update the name, email, or title of any user, existing deals already created will not be updated. The new name, email, or title will only be applied to new deals created or existing deals that have been updated. ‍

How do I delete or deactivate an existing user?

‍ To remove a user from your account first, edit the user. ‍ On the bottom left, you'll see a red button to "Delete user" ‍

‍ Once you've deleted the User, they'll be noted with the status of "deleted" ‍

When a user is deleted:

  • The user will not be able to log into your RevOps Account.
  • They will still be the Deal Owner of any deal they previously created.
  • If they were assigned as a counter-signer to any deal prior to being deleted, they will continue to be listed as the counter-signer.
  • If they were assigned to approve an existing deal, they will continue to be listed. However, they will not be assigned as an approver to any new deals. ‍ If a user was deleted by mistake, the user can be reactivated, by editing the user information and changing the "Status" of the user. ‍