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Login Restrictions

Domain login restrictions offer enhanced control over user access within an organization's workspace. This feature, available to organizations on the RevOps enterprise plan, enables administrators to specify the allowed Single Sign-On (SSO) providers and restrict users to specific workspaces. Domain login restrictions allow administrators to define the login options available to users accessing a RevOps workspace. This feature enables two main types of restrictions:

  1. SSO Provider Restriction: Administrators can limit login to SSO only (any method) or a single specific SSO provider. This ensures that users must authenticate through the designated SSO provider(s) to access the workspace.
  2. Workspace Restriction: Along with SSO provider restrictions, administrators can further restrict access to specific workspaces available on the chosen provider. This allows fine-grained control over user access within the workspace. To illustrate the flexibility of domain login restrictions, here are a few sample configurations that showcase different scenarios: To configure your log in settings, visit Settings → Workspace → Authentication. From there you can choose which SSO providers are available and restrict to a specific workspace.

These restrictions will immediately take effect. We recommend that you start with a new authentication session by logging out and back in to RevOps and use an incognito or private window for testing the flow. This will allow you to easily reverse your changes if a misconfiguration is applied. If your login settings are misconfigured and you can no longer access RevOps, please contact . To restrict to a specific workspace:

  1. Limit login any of the SSO only options and accept the changes.
  2. Select the option to restrict a specific workspace.
  3. You’ll be prompted to go through the SSO flow and select an account. Select your user account in the workspace that should be required.
  4. Test your new restrictions in an incognito tab. Personal accounts such as email addresses are not eligible as a Google Workspace. ‍