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Workspace Discovery

Workspace Discovery is a powerful feature that allows users with verified email addresses in your company's domain to automatically gain access to your company's RevOps organization. This streamlined process simplifies user onboarding and enhances company wide collaboration. Users will be invited as general users which are complementary and only have access to view and comment. In order to utilize workspace discovery, users must log in using Google or Slack. Users will not be created when requesting a magic link or the HubSpot integration. Login restrictions apply to workspace discovery. When a user with a verified email address joins the workspace, administrators will receive an email notification containing relevant details. This allows administrators to stay updated and manage user access effectively.

To enable workspace discovery, visit Settings → Workspace → Authentication. Under workspace discovery, select enable and choose your organization’s domain name.

Once you’ve entered your domain. Please contact to verify your domain. Workspace discovery will be fully enabled once RevOps support processes the domain verification. ‍