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Debugging Salesforce Syncing Issues

Syncing data from RevOps to Salesforce most commonly occurs when:

  • Validation has been enforced by Salesforce preventing RevOps to write to a particular field
  • User Authentication used in RevOps does not have the appropriate permissions When these issues occur, RevOps will not completely sync data to Salesforce. The syncing status of RevOps Deal to Salesforce can be monitored in two places, on the individual deal or via the monitoring logs. ‍

Sync status of individual Deals

‍ When viewing a deal, you can locate the "Integrate with CRM" card on the right-hand side. When the card is expanded, you can see which Salesforce Opportunity or Quote is associate to the deal, as well as the sync status. ‍

‍ If you run into an issue syncing the data, you can view "Syncing Details" to identify where the issue might have occurred.  ‍ Once the issue is resolved, you can manually re-sync the RevOps Deal to Salesforce by clicking on "Synchronize Again". RevOps will then resynchronize the latest data from the deal to Salesforce. ‍

Monitoring all deal sync

‍ You can also monitor the syncing status for all your deals via the Monitoring Dashboard. This dashboard is located in the Salesforce Settings > Monitoring .  ‍

This dashboard shows the latest sync status for all your deals. From here, you can filter by deals with either a partial sync or have failed syncing and work through resolving these issues.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding your data sync.