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Managing Terms of Service on your Order Forms

Your order form agreement will typically include a set of legal terms that both you and your customers agree to. These terms will depend on a number of different factors, for example, the type of products purchased, the size of the contract, or the length of the contract. ‍ In this guide, we'll go over the two most common ways to compose "Terms of Service" on your agreement. ‍

  • Online Terms of Service
  • Redlined Service Agreement ‍

Online Terms of Service

‍ Many companies will publish their Terms of Use publicly on their website. When creating an order form, instead of referencing the entire Terms of Use again, we recommend simply referencing your online Terms of Use by including a shorter Terms of Service agreement block on your order form. Here, you can link to your online terms and include the approved legal language to communicate the effective date of this term. ‍

This keeps your order form simple and easy to review, making for a much quicker closing process. ‍

Redlined Service Agreement

‍ In more complex order forms, referencing the online terms of service is not always an option though. Contracts that are more complex or span multiple years, will sometimes require a more thoroughly redlined master service agreement between you and your customer's legal team. ‍ When this happens, RevOps recommends removing the terms of service completely from your order form. Instead, once the redlined master service agreement has been approved, you can attach it as a PDF or DocX file directly to your deal. ‍ Additional Agreements