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How To Configure Dropdown Terms

Revenue Operators face many challenges tracking and reporting on service add-ons and feature entitlements across their customers. This is especially true when these features and add-ons may be optional or limited to upsell motions. However, with the help of optional Dropdown terms, RevOps greatly simplifies both the collection process for Sales Reps, and data synchronization for Sales Operators. ‍ In this article, you will learn how to create a Dropdown Term with multiple options and how to add this as a required term to a template. Terms that are marked as required must be entered by Sales Reps before they can submit their deals to Deal Desk for review. ‍

Term Configuration

‍ Begin by creating a new Term and setting its Input Type to Options ‍

‍ You can then edit, reorder, or add new options for your specific service or add-on configurations. In this example, we will create three separate options: Starter, Scale, and Enterprise. ‍


Click on the Default radio button to remove the default option presented to Sales Reps

Template Configuration

‍ After our term has been created, we can create a new Template or edit an existing one using the Add Terms button: ‍

‍ ‍ Type the name of your term into the search dropdown to find the term you created above ‍

‍ Finally, you can set the term as required on a template by toggling the option. When a term is marked as required, Sales Reps will not be able to escalate their deals until the term has been completed. ‍


Congratulations! You've just created a new dropdown term and added it as a required term to your template. You are now ready to share your template with your Sales team! ‍