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Setting up the letterhead

To personalize the letterhead for your business, head over to Settings > Workspace Settings . ‍

What is the letterhead?

A letterhead is the heading at the top of a sheet of paper or document. It typically consists of a name, address, and logo. 

‍ Here, you can enter your business name and address. Additionally, you can upload your business logo by clicking on "Edit Image". ‍

‍ For reference, the maximum image size that maybe uploaded is 5MB. When displayed in the letterhead, larger logo images will be scaled down to a maximum of 350px width by 100px height. ‍ Additionally, we allow you to add multiple Business profile where you can upload variations of your logotype or specify different addresses. ‍

In addition to the letterhead, the uploaded logo will also be used:

  • on emails sent to your customers on your behalf,
  • when your customer logs in to view your proposal ‍

  • and in the header of your proposal. ‍