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Including images on a Deal

Images can be included in any Markdown supported text area, this includes line item description and term description fields. Before an image can be included on the template or deal, you will need to host the image somewhere that is publicly accessible to RevOps. RevOps does not self host these images.

We do not recommend using free image hosting services as these services often have rate limits that prevent proper image rendering across our system. We recommend hosting these images through your standard company hosting services such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Storage.


Once you have the image hosted, copy the URL to the image. You should be able to enter the URL directly into your browser to see the image, if you cannot, RevOps will be unable to retrieve the image either.

Next, in any Markdown supported field, use the following Markdown:

Within the parentheses include the URL to your image. The text in the [ ] brackets are not required, however could be used to name your image for accessibility features, etc.


Here's an example of how you should expect to see the image on your deal.

🚧 The following steps are for advanced users and may have feature limitations. The markdown rendering system has partial, but not full support for HTML.


Advanced Feature

Using HTML over markdown is an advanced feature and may have impact to downstream systems such as CRM sync.

If you want to be able to customize the formatting of your images, you will have to use a different syntax that supports things like alignment.

You'll need to start with the following:


To align your image left, center, or right, set the "align" attribute of the <p> to either: "left", "center", or "right"


Using "left" will result in something like this:


Using "center" will result in something like this:

Using "right" will result in something like this: