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When will my customer be notified?

In order to ensure your customer never gets any unforeseen communications, RevOps avoids notifying customers automatically except when explicit actions are taken.

Events when buyers will receive a notification:

  • A user clicks the Share button and selects their contact
  • A buyer signs an agreement. They'll receive a confirmation email of their signature.
  • Multiple buyer signers are assigned and the first signs. The next signer will be notified.
  • The contract is fully signed. All signers and the lead contact will be notified.
  • A buyer requested access and it was granted. They'll receive an email letting them know.

RevOps users may also chose to copy the share URL for an approved deal and share using another platform such as Google Workspace or Slack.

Contacts that are not the lead contact or a designated signer will never be notified automatically.

Examples of events when buyers will not receive a notification:

  • A business first agreement has been signed. The deal owner will be notified to communicate to their customer.
  • A deal is approved or created.
  • Changes are made to the deal. ‍