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Export RevOps Deals as DocX files

Redlining is a process where two or more parties are negotiating and working together in editing a contract. RevOps supports redlining by allowing agreements created be downloaded as a docx file so that contracts can be shared and edited in Word. โ€ Once the final document has completed redlining, this docx file can also be uploaded back to RevOps for e-signing and record keeping. โ€

Early Access Feature

๐Ÿšง Redlining is an Early Access feature. Please contact us if you're interested in using this feature.ย 

Once the deal has been created, it can be downloaded as a docx file to begin the redlining process. โ€ Please note that RevOps generate this docx file based on the current version of the deal. If changes are made to the deal, the downloaded copy of the docx file may become out of date.ย  โ€

  • To start the redlining process, navigate to the Deal that needs to be redlined and expand the "Export to DocX for Redlining" card. โ€


  • Click on the "Generate DocX" button. This may take a moment as RevOps is creating the DocX file for you to download.
  • Once the file has been generated, you'll see a link to download the file. โ€


Uploading DocX agreement back to RevOpsโ€‹

โ€ If you'd like to keep a copy of the redlined docx file with your deal or plan on signing the redlined agreement with RevOps, you may also upload the docx file back to RevOps. โ€ Please note that: โ€

  • Once the document has been uploaded to RevOps, the data pertaining to the deal cannot be edited. If there are mismatches between the final redlined document and the deal, we recommend editing the deal before uploading the docx file.
  • RevOps will place "white text" for each field in the signature block. These "white text" are used as signature tags so that the proper information and signing section can be placed during the final e-signing process. If they are either removed or edited, the document cannot be immediately signed with RevOps. This text must be fixed before the document can be signed with RevOps.
  • If you highlight the signature block and turn the font color to black, you will see this text appear:
  • Name: [text|req|signer0|Name|name_0]
  • Title: [text|req|signer0|Title|title_0]
  • Email: [text|req|signer0|Email|email_0|email_address]
  • Signature: [sig|req|signer0]
  • Signed Date: [date_signed_0]

This text will adjust slightly if there are multiple signers.

To upload the document, select the "Upload" button. Then select your file and submit it for approval. โ€

  • If you do not see the "Upload" button, you may need to click "Generate DocX" again, the deal is done generating, the "Upload" button will become available. โ€

Once the document has been uploaded, you'll see it replace the existing agreement. โ€

Since a new agreement document has been submitted, this deal can no longer be updated. If you need to edit the deal, first cancel the redlines.

Once the redlined document has been approved the deal can now be signed.