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Agreement Types

Every agreement has an associated type based on the template. Agreement types allow you to categorize your deals for cases such as deal desk filtering, reporting, or automation flows.

Priced Agreement Types

These agreements can have a mix of SKUs and Terms as well as a total price display. When connected to a CRM, the agreement will sync to the associated CRM line items.

  • New Order
  • Renewal
  • Expansion
  • Partnership Sales
  • General

Non-Priced Agreement Types

These agreements only contain legal terms and do not contain any SKUs or pricing information. When connected to a CRM, any line items on the CRM record will remain as is.

  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Referral Agreement
  • Master Services Agreement
  • Data Processing
  • Cancellation Form

By default, organizations have access to New Order, Renewal, Expansion, MNDA, and NDA agreement types. Please contact for information on additional types.

API Values

If you are interacting with deal status for CRM sync or via a RevOps API, the following values are used.

Agreement TypeAPI Value
New Ordernew-order
Partnership Salespartnerships
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreementnon-disclosure-agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreementunilateral-non-disclosure-agreement
Referral Agreementreferral-agreement
Master Services Agreementmsa
Data Processingdata-processing
Cancellation Formcancellation